Kinetic Power

is a technology company offering innovative energy-saving solutions


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Alexey Zotov

CEO, Founder

  • Experienced manager. Active entrepreneur in the fields of industrial energy storage and distribution, IT platforms. and engineering.
  • 5+ years as Vice President, Alfa Bank, the largest private bank in Russia, over 21,000 employees
  • 3+ years as railway business Director for "Russian Machines" - the largest Russian holding company for industrial and engeneering assets, 70,000 employees
  • 18+years executive positions in the largest banks and industrial companies (automotive, railway, transport, construction).

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Nurbey Gulia, D.Sc.


  • Scientist and inventor in kinetic (flvwheel) encrgy storage, stepless acchanical drive, hybrid transport power units; science and technology promoter.
  • May 1961: invented the first super-flywheel - energy-inlensive and ruplurc-safe lywheel.
  • 973: defended PhD thesis on: "Dynamic accumulation and recovery of mechanical energy for transport purposes."
  • 400 Invenlions.

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Vladimir Bobrov

CFO, Co-founder

  • Seasoned finance specialist, with solid experience in major public corporations.
  • 5+ years as Deputy General Director, Economics and Finance, Moscow Railways, carried 75 million people in the first year in 2016.
  • 10 years of management positions in economics and finance in ENERGOMASH Group of companies, power sector engineering specialist. 22.1 thousand employees.

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Lavrentev Alexander

Kinetic Engineer

  • The main specialization is machine transmissions, energy storage.
  • An expert in energy storage.>
  • He is the author of more than 40 inventions and scientific articles, teaching aids, and calculation programs for kinetic energy storage devices.

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