Kinetic power is an engineering company, offering innovative energy-saving solutions to large industrial enterprises

The product line consists of two types of products: smoothing throttles and flywheel energy storages

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500+ inventions patented


700+ publications in scientific magazines


Successful testing of developed devices in Germany


Joint project with Russian Railways, one of the largest transport companies in the world

Key products

Short description

Smoothing Throttle reduces energy consumption on railway traction substations DC network by up to 20%

Application Areas

  • Railroads
  • Light rails and metro
  • Port cranes
  • Maritime vehicles

Unique features

  • Proven savings on energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Low emissions: may be placed next to other equipment
  • Eliminates short circuits
  • Lowers environmental impact thought reduced electromagnetic fields
  • Low maintenance: convective cooling of dry

Kinetic Battery

Electricity is stored and recuperated with the principle of kinetic energy of a super-flywheel. Kinetic Battery provides savings of up to 30%.

Application Areas

  • Railroads
  • Port cranes
  • Electric vehicles charging stations
  • Renewable energy sources power grids

Unique features

  • Proven energy consumption savings for electric train traction substations by up to 30%
  • Instant switching operations modes - storage conversation and transmission.
  • Ability to function in extreme temperature conditions 40 / 80 C
  • The term of continuous service spans over 25 years
  • Does not contain toxic, corrosive and explosive substances
  • Successful safety tests in Germany

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Meet the team

Alexey Zotov

CEO, Founder

  • Experienced manager. Active entrepreneur in the fields of industrial energy storage and distribution, IT platforms. and engineering.
  • Over 5 as Vice President, Alfa Bank, the largest private bank in Russia, over 21,000 employees
  • 3+ years as railway business Director for "Russian Machines" the largest Russian holding company, for industrial and engineering assets. 70,000 employees.
  • 18+years executive positions in the largest banks and industrial companies (automotive, railway, transport, construction).

Vladimir Bobrov

CFO, Co-founder

  • Seasoned finance specialist, with solid experience in major public corporations.
  • 5+ years as Deputy General Director, Economics and Finance, Moscow Railways, carried 75 million people in the first year in 2016.
  • 10 years of management positions in economics and finance in ENERGOMASH Group of companies, power sector engineering specialist. 22.1 thousand employees.

Kirill Mogilevsky

CTO, Co-founder

  • Automated Control Systems and Cybernetics of economics scientist and researcher. Leading engineer and Department head in the largest. research centers for heavy machinery
  • Founder of successful companies in the development and production of high tech superconductors.
  • Took part in the development of technological equipment for the industrial production of superconductors according to the international ITER program.

Nurbey Gulia, D.Sc.


  • Scientist and inventor in kinetic (flvwheel) encrgy storage, stepless acchanical drive, hybrid transport power units; science and technology promoter.
  • May 1961: invented the first super-flywheel - energy-inlensive and ruplurc-safe lywheel.
  • 973: defended PhD thesis on: "Dynamic accumulation and recovery of mechanical energy for transport purposes."
  • 400 Invenlions.
  • 700 Scientific Papers

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