Power Consumpotion Reducting Device

Power Consumpotion Optimizer use the effect of elastic magnetic hysteresis to reduce reduces energy consuption of rail transport and industrial enterprises by 20%

Kinetic Battery

Kinetic Battery use the principle of super-flywheel to reduce energy consuption of rail transport and industrial enterprises by 30%


Power Consumpotion Reducting Device

Short disription

PCO reduces energy consuption on railway traction substations DC network by up to 20%

Unique Features

  • Proven savings on energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Low emissions: may be placed next to other equipment
  • Eliminates short circuits
  • Lowers environmental impact thought reduced electromagnetic fileds
  • Low maintenance: convective cooling of dry execution

Appllication Areas

  • Railroads
  • Light rails and metro
  • Port cranes
  • Maritimes vehicles

Kinetic Battery

Short disription

Electricity is stored and recupared based on the principle of kinetic energy of a super-flyweel. Kinetic Battery provides savings of up to 30%

Unique Features

  • Proven energy consumption by up savings for electric train traction by up 30%
  • Instant switching operations modes - storage conversation and transmission.
  • Ability to function in extreme temperature conditions 40 / 80 C

Appllication Areas

  • Railroads
  • Port cranes
  • Electric vehicles charging stations
  • Renewable energy sources power grids

  • Ability to quickly transfer large amounts of energy
  • The term of continuous service is more then 25 years
  • Does not contain toxic, corrosive and exposive substances
  • Succsesful safety tests in Germany

About Kinetic

  • Founded: 2011
  • Employees: 15
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Core Staff: career scientists with PhD and advanced degrees in physics, engeneering, economy, chemistry and other fields.


  • 500+ investions patented
  • 700+ publications in scientific magazines
  • Succsesful testing of developed devices in Germany
  • Joint project whith Russian Railways, one of the largest transport companies in the world

Team Core

CEO, Founder

Alexey Zotov

  • Experienced manager. Active entrepreneur in lhe fields of induslrial sysscnergy slorage and distribution, IT platforms. and engineering.
  • 51 years as Vice President, Alfa Bank, the largest private bank in Russia, over 21,000 employees
  • 3+ ycars as railway business Direclor for "Russian Machines" the largest Russian holding company,for industrial and engineering assets.70,000 employees.
  • 18+ycars execulive positions in the largest banks and industrial companies (automotive, railway, transport, constrnction).

CFO, Co-Founder

Vladimir Bobrov

  • Seasoned finance specialist, with solid experience in major public corporations.
  • 5+years as Deputy General Director, I:conomics and inance, Moscow lting Railway OS, carried 75 million people in the first year in 2016.
  • 10 years of management positions in economics and finance in ENERGOMASH Group of companies, power sector engineering specialist. 22.1 thousand employees.


Kirill Mogilevsky

  • Automated Control Systems and Cybernetics of 'conomics scientist. and researcher. Leading engineer and Department Ilead in the largest. research centers for heavy machinery
  • Co-oNmer of successful companies in the development and production of high tech superconductors.
  • Took part in the development of technological equipment for the industrial production of superconductors according to the international ITER program


Nurbey Gulia D.Sc.

  • Scientist and inventor in kinetic (flvwheel) encrgy storage, stepless acchanical drive, hybrid transport power units; science and technology promoter.
  • May 1961: invented the first super-flywheel - energy-inlensive and ruplurc-safe lywheel.
  • 1973: defended PhD thesis on: "Dynamic accumulation and recovery of mechanical energy for transport purposes."
  • 400 Invenlions.
  • 700 Scientific Papers



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