Kinetic. Superflywheel Storage and a Solar Panel. FrontKinetic. Superflywheel Storage and a Solar Panel. Side

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, renewable energy sources become more widespread, energy output and market share increase. However, even though solar panels and wind turbines are clean and inexhaustible sources of energy, they could not be integrated directly into electric networks. Intermittent and variable renewable energy generation adversely affects the quality of electrical network : during the periods of high winds or high solar activity uncontrolled energy production may damage the grid, while absence of wind or sun may cut out power supply.

“Kinetic” energy storage is designed to control and instantly correct energy imbalances and deficits by storing excess energy and releasing it when needed. Moreover, “Kinetic” automatically regulates electrical frequency and voltage, and is capable of providing uninterruptible power supply in case of prolonged periods of absence of sunlight (e.g. night) or wind.

In addition, unique superflywheel technology makes “Kinetic” the only explosion- and rupture-proof flywheel storage on the market, meaning that it could be installed directly by the energy sources. “Kinetic” contains no hazardous materials and after 25 years of operation could be safely recycled with no damage to the environment.

Renewable Integration