Kinetic. Two Superflywheel Energy Storages in a 20-foot container

For consumers that use multiple energy tariffs “Kinetic” offers a way to optimise the energy costs by accumulating energy during off-peak hours and consuming/selling it during peak hours. The savings depend on the difference in tariffs and could be substantial especially for large scale industrial consumers, nevertheless, it also works on a smaller scale (e.g. households). Moreover, "Kinetic" is capable of delivering very high power in a short period of time (e.g. to launch a power-intensive piece of equipment) to smooth the energy consumption and relieve the grid.

“Kinetic” has one of the lowest setup costs on the market and designed to provide 25 years of maintenance-free operation, making it the perfect tool for such a task.

Scalable nature of the “Kinetic” energy storages allow several units to be connected together to form a single system with almost any energy capacity.

Another unique feature of the “Kinetic” is its' operational safety. Superflywheel technology makes “Kinetic” the only explosion- and rupture-proof flywheel energy storage on the market, meaning that “Kinetic” could be placed practically anywhere and no additional protective constructions are required.   

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