Kinetic. Superflywheel Storage with multi megawatt electrical machine in a 20-foot container

Consumers that require uniterruptable power supply will benefit from unique backup capabilities of the «Kinetic». Technological features of superflywheel allow «Kinetic» to respond to changes in energy demand within milliseconds, providing truly uniterruptable power supply. Low standby energy consumption, unlimited number of discharge cycles, and general robustness of the system ensures that energy will be promptly and reliably delivered. 

«Kinetic» is easily scalable and could be tailored to the customer's needs. It could be equipped with electric machines of various power (up to several megawatts);and number of energy storages could be connected together to form a single system with almost any energy capacity.     

Being explosion- and rupture-proof «Kinetic» require no additional protective measures (constructions) to operate safely, meaning that it could be placed directly by a substation or in any other convenient place.

Moreover, apart for providing back up power «Kinetic» automatically monitors and corrects power frequency and voltage fluctuations increasing power quality so important for critical equipment.  

«Kinetic» is designed to provide 25 years of maintenance-free operation with no deterioration of energy capacity. It also has one of the lowest setup costs on the market, ensuring high quality energy services at low costs.

Uniterruptible Power Supply