Kinetic. Superflywheel Energy Storage Kinetic. Superflywheel Energy Storage Inside

«Kinetic» is a flywheel energy storage, a mechanical battery that uses a rotating mass to store energy. It is based on a simple principle of transformation of energy. To accumulate energy, electricity is supplied to the electrical motor that accelerates the flywheel. To release energy, the rotation of the flywheel powers the electric motor that acts as a generator.

«Kinetic» energy storage system is a result of many years of scientific and technological research in the field of mechanical energy storage. It is based on a unique superflywheel technology that makes «Kinetic» the only explosion- and rupture-proof flywheel energy storage on the market.


Superflywheel is made of resilient central part and high-strength metal belt winded around it. Unique physical properties of the superflywheel allow «Kinetic» to have much higher specific energy while being safe to operate. Conventional solid flywheels (either steel or carbon) that operate at a high speed suffer from undetectable materials degradation that causes flywheels to explode inflicting significant damage. However, superflywheel is explosion- and rupture-proof, meaning that no additional external protection measures are required for safe operation.


Combination of the superflywheel technology with high-speed electric machines allows «Kinetic» to switch between accumulation, storage, and release of energy in milliseconds. It ensures that «Kinetic» provides almost instant respons to any energy request. 


Due to the unique technological features flywheels have higher specific power than any other type of energy storage. Particularly, «Kinetic» could provide up to several MegaVatts of power (if required), adjusting to any customer's need. 

Affordable and robust

«Kinetic» is made of standard or easily manufacured parts that helps keeping the manufacturing costs down while maintaining the overall reliability and ribustness of the system at a very high level. «Kinetic» is designed for an unattended service life of 25 years and unlimited number of full charge cycles. Moreover, unlike chemical energy storage systems, «Kinetic» offers permanent invaribale energy capacity throughout the whole service life.


«Kinetic» does not only facilitate integration of the renewable sources of energy but also contains no hazardous or deleterious materials and could be safely recycled at the end of the service life.


«Kinetic» is an easily scalable energy system. Several flywheel storages may be connected together to form a single energy system (module) that could provide almost any energy capacity. Such modules are perfect tools for grid balancing on a city or even a region scale; uninterruptible power supply for data-centers, factories, and other facilities; renewables integration and support.

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